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About Two Late To The Party

Two Late To The Party is a multi-award nominated indie folk group who has created an original sound that bridges retro-folk with an indie vibe with songs that connect to the soul. Known for their intricate vocal harmonies and their catchy heartfelt songs, Two Late To The Party blends a beautiful indie-folk sound with an upbeat sing-along vibe. 


Two Late To The Party was recently nominated for Western Canadian Music Award and just released their latest single "Sorrow Oh Sorrow" on all major streaming services. In 2020 they released their debut album "The Great Unraveling" which featured their singles "Ghost in my bones", "R-V-M" and "Glimpse". The Great Unraveling charted nationally on college and community radio and was a top 10 Folk/Roots/Blues album multiple times and Top 30 album multiple times. In 2019 Two Late To The Party released their first ever single  "Here With Me".


Two Late To The Party was founded by Adam Corkett and Alessandra Enns in 2017 after performing together as musical volunteers, they merged their influences creating an original sound that is simultaneously current and nostalgic. In 2022 Andrew Kruschell joined the group as their third member as the bands drummer and percussionist.

"I loved the warm and deep voices, very touching. I loved the mood, both powerful and romantic"

Raighes Factory Music Blog

"Thank you for performing at this year's 15 Minutes of Fame! I had so many people come up to me to make sure I knew what a highlight you guys were for them"

Rosebud Festival Society

“The roots and folk style they have embraced is easy listening, but philosophic and sends a message. The lyrics reach the listener’s soul and coupled with their smooth harmonies, makes for an enjoyable listen.”

Prairie Post


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Sorrow Oh Sorrow